Masters Pathway

Read up on all we have in the Graduate Program section and fill out the Information Request Form.

Contact the Office of Graduate Studies with any additional questions.

Fill out the Application Form, including the application fee, required writing and recommendations.

Once your application has been reviewed and you are accepted, you will receive an acceptance letter in the mail.

Login to your email account.

Login to Buzz to access and complete the Introduction to Graduate Studies Course.

Submit any financial aid applications by the deadline.

Set up a meeting with your advisor to review your degree objectives and assessment methods.

Contact the Business Office to pay your bill (or agree to a payment plan). Sign your billing statement.

Repeat every semester.

Study hard.

Pay your monthly bill by the 10th of every month.

Apart from weekly coursework, also submit your monthly ministry and mentorship reports as due in Buzz.

Submit your Graduation Application Form by December 1st in your last year.

Speak with your advisor to ensure you fulfill all requirements and coursework by the end of your last semester.

Turn in all capstone assignments required by your degree program by April 30th.